CILAS is an expert in the design and manufacturing of optical thin film coatings. By using dense technologies, CILAS optical components ensure the highest performances in the most severe environments.

CILAS product line includes dielectric coatings, protective coatings, black coatings and metallic coatings  for large size optics up to 2m x 2m, all suited for defense, space, astronomy, scientific and industrial applications.

CILAS operates dense coating technologies including the largest optical coating platform in Europe using magnetron sputtering and is equipped with state-of-the–art metrology and qualification means in cleanroom environment.

An experienced team is at your service from design to industrial production through project management, according to ISO standards.


CILAS offers optical components and dielectric optical coatings, from 300nm to 2.5µm.

  • For imaging purpose in industry, astronomy or space programs: anti-reflection coatings on windows, concave and convex lenses, dichroics, beamsplitters, long-pass, low-pass, band-pass filters…
  • For laser systems belonging to 1µm class: anti-reflection coatings, polarizers, beamsplitters, high reflectivity mirrors…


Catalog optical coatings and specific designs available upon request.

All these coatings can be applied on high quantities and large size components with typical dimensions up to 2 meters for anti-reflection coating, up to 400mm for dielectric mirror or dichroic, up to 200mm for polarizer or band pass filter.

Dielectric coatings cilas

Main references:

  • Anti-reflective coatings for microelectronic industry
  • UV Filter for decontamination
  • Earth observation filters for Microcarb satellite 
  • Dichroic for Perseverance Supercam
  • Filters for SPHERE IRDIS instrument of VLT
SUBSTRATE MATERIALS Silica, BK7, BK7G18, CaF2, various glasses
SUBSTRATES SHAPES Lenses, windows, wedges, freefrom optics
COATING TYPE Dielectric coatings based on oxides
COATING PROCESS Magnetron sputtering (dense coating)
Plasma Ion Assisted deposition (dense coating)
In-situ optical monitoring
900 m² of clean room ISO5 to ISO8
SPECTRAL RANGE 220 nm to 2.5 μm
COSMETICS 5/C 1 x 0.16 per 25 mm pupil according to ISO 10110-7
ENVIRONMENTAL COMPATIBILITY Suitable for severe environments (ATOX, radiations, vacuum, humidity…)
Space heritage available upon request
COATING FREE AREAS Coating free areas masked upon request
WAVE FRONT ERROR (WFE) Stress compensation available upon request