Mission & vision

Our mission

Founded in 1966, CILAS is a pioneer in the field of lasers in France and a historical supplier to the armed forces. A recognized expert in laser and optronics, CILAS supplies equipment and systems for the Defense, Security and Space sectors for the main international players.

To achieve this, CILAS relies on its multi-trade design office, its production team and its sales network. In addition, CILAS works in collaboration with an academic network, small and large industrial structures.

CILAS’ mission is to guarantee its customers the best laser and optronic solutions, compatible with highly constrained environments, by pushing the limits of the state of the art. CILAS is involved in the entire product life cycle, from fundamental R&D to maintenance in operational condition (MOC).

Our vision

By 2030, CILAS aims to be the European leader in lasers for the Defense, Security and Space industries, enabling forces to carry out their missions with maximum efficiency, particularly in the context of emerging threats.

The “LASER AND BEYOND” vision shows CILAS’ ambition to become the preferred choice of customers whenever a need arises for laser and optronic solutions such as laser weapons and ammunition guidance.

In order to satisfy its customers to the best of its ability, CILAS is pursuing a global Operational Excellence approach to maintain effectiveness and efficiency at the highest level.

Committed to a new era of development and growth, CILAS promotes the development of its teams.

Through the investment of its talents and the confidence of its customers and partners, CILAS is building its industrial dynamics to achieve ever more efficient and compact laser and optronic solutions. CILAS is committed to keeping innovation and technology as an integral part of its DNA.