CILAS and ONERA have just signed a collaboration agreement to join forces on the subject of laser weapons

Press Release

Their shared conviction? The power and ability to focus laser weapons through the atmosphere determines the effectiveness of this new class of defence systems.  

CILAS, which has demonstrated the effectiveness of its laser weapons for several years, has just intercepted several drones at sea from the French Navy's Forbin frigate off the coast of Toulon and has been chosen to protect the 2024 Olympic Games from malicious drones. 

The signature of this CILAS-ONERA agreement launches a new dynamic towards scenarios with increased range and harder targets.

ONERA, a state-run aerospace research organisation, has extensive scientific expertise in lasers and high-power weapons, as well as in drones and how to protect against them. In particular, ONERA took part in the European TALOS advanced tactical laser optical system programme with CILAS. 

Franck Lefèvre, ONERA's Chief Technical Officer, commented: "ONERA, a government expert in defence, aeronautics and space, is delighted to continue its fruitful collaboration with CILAS on such an important subject for the future as anti-drone warfare and the development of a laser weapon. Our scientific expertise is helping to support our industry and develop France's future capabilities.