For Space or Aeronautic

ALPhANOV and CILAS have developed an innovative pulsed laser for a wide range of applications.

The laser is highly energetic, flexible and stable. The architecture enables it to operate at variable rates of up to 100 Hz. Pulse shapes and durations are adjustable at energies of up to 400 mJ. The laser has very low thermal distortion, as well as optimised warm-up and energy efficiency.


These properties are unique and essential for the applications envisaged:

  • For space applications, this laser meets the specifications of future requirements for on-board instruments on satellites (atmospheric LIDAR, etc.).
  • For the aerospace industry, this laser can be used for surface treatments such as laser shot peening (laser shock peening (LSP) to improve the durability of metal metal structures (aluminium, titanium, turbine turbine parts, etc.). The demonstrator is based on a laser and a robotised sample holder that can perform localised treatment (micro-LSP) at high speed.



This work, carried out as part of the HELIAM project, was co-financed by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region and the European Union via the ERDF.