Particle size analyzers

Particle size analyzers

CILAS makes particle size analyzers based on the principle of laser multi angle analysis.
CILAS industrial instrumentation for particle size distribution
CILAS industrial instrumentation for particle size distribution

In 1967, Dr Jean Cornillault of CILAS invented and patented a laser particle size analyzer. It was meant for the cement industry to measure accurately the grain size distribution.

A solution for every need

CILAS’ particle size analyzers characterizes the size and shapes of particles, in suspension or in emulsion. For fundamental research projects, development or quality control, customers can improve the testing of their products. CILAS's instruments apply to various applications like cement, ceramics, manufacturing industries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biology, food or environmental industries.

 The particle size analyzers offer several advantages, developed and patented by CILAS, such as:

  • The  2-1 Wet and Dry mode concept which lets the user switch modes in less than 1 second
  • The Short Bench Concept and no need to realign
  • The Modular concept: 1 or 2 or 3 lasers

Particle Size Analyzers applications

A wide range of Particle Size Analyzers

CILAS offers a range of instruments measuring from micron particle to nanoparticle. They are ISO 13320 compliant.

Particle Size Analyzers range of instruments

  PSA 990 PSA 1090 PSA 1190 Nano DS
Measurement principle Laser diffraction Laser diffraction Laser diffraction Static Light scattering
Measuring range (Dry) 0.3 - 500 μm 0.1 - 500 μm 0.1 - 2500 μm -
Measuring range (Wet) 0.2 - 500 μm 0.02 - 500 μm 0.02 - 500 μm 0.3nm – 10 µm
Measuring time < 1 min < 1 min < 1 min < 1 min
Precision < 3% < 3% < 3% -
Compliance ISO 13320, 21 CFR part 11, CE ISO 13320, 21 CFR part 11, CE ISO 13320, 21 CFR part 11, CE ISO 13320, 21 CFR part 11, CE
Dimensions (L X D X H) 890 X 530 X 430 mm 890 X 530 X 430 mm 890 X 530 X 430 mm 341 x 218 x 533 mm
Weight 55 kg 55 kg 55 kg 14.5 kg

Particle Size Analyzers Accessories

The Shape Analyzer

CILAS Shape Analyzer for Particle Size Analyzers

The Shape Analyzer measures the particle morphology and particle shape.

  • Compatible with all models,
  • For both dry and wet mode,
  • Controlling the particle aggregation state,
  • To master the measurement process!

The Autosampler

CILAS Autosampler for Particle Size Analyzers

The Autosampler automatizes the sample measurement process.

  • For both dry and wet modes,
  • 30 vials are sequentially and automatically poured,
  • Just to save time and money!

Focused on customer service

At CILAS, to stand by customers means to provide them with:

  • On-site technical support including initial configuration and tests
  • Maintenance
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting
  • Spare parts delivery
  • Analyses of samples on request in our laboratory and reports 
  • Training
  • Application sheets and documentation 

CILAS has an extensive end-user network worldwide.

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