Laser Programs

Laser integration and innovation

CILAS is a specialist in the production of laser amplifiers and of laser sources
CILAS Laser MegaJoule program
CILAS Laser MegaJoule program

The Laser MegaJoule: the largest laser installation in the world with the NIF in the USA

The Laser MegaJoule: an exceptional project

The LMJ facility is an outstanding laser installation, crucial to the  CEA's nuclear simulation program to study extreme fusion conditions. 

900 tons of laser!

CILAS  manufactures the laser amplifiers that are integrated on each of the 22 chains of the Laser MegaJoule. These laser amplifiers will amplify the laser beam to the required power level.

Each amplifier consists in a nine-meter long laser weighing approximately 20 tons.
44 amplifiers are  being built and mounted onto the Laser MegaJoule chains.

Expert in laser for integration  line

CILAS brings its expertise and know-how in:

  • The design of high precision optomechanics systems

  • The  integration of subassemblies in ultra clean environment (ISO 4 to ISO 8)

  • The optical coatings on large substrates at CILAS Aubagne. 

Integrating parts in an ultra-clean environment

CILAS facility in Le Barp is a 4200 m2 building with 2700 m2 of clean room from ISO8 to ISO4. This special production requires a high quality inspection process at every step of the assembly with:

  • Cleaning of the components
  • Strict control operations of the surface cleanliness
  • Particle decontamination
CILAS laser clean room
An operator cleaning components in one of the ultra clean room at CILAS

Laser sources

CILAS’ expertise covers pulsed laser and continued laser sources, from milli-joules to kilo joules; from watts to kilowatts, for:

  • Telecommunications
  • Space
  • Security
  • Large-scale scientific installations

These lasers are built to work in severe environment (heat, vibrations, cleanliness) using fiber laser or disc laser technologies.