Helicopter Visual Landing Aid System


CILAS secures helicopter landing and take-off operations on ships.
CILAS Safecopter landing
CILAS Safecopter landing

More than 200 SAFECOPTER systems are in operation worldwide

Safety is paramount

SAFECOPTER, the Helicopter Visual Landing Aid System (HVLAS) by CILAS, ensures helicopter crew’s safety, night and day, on all the seas and oceans of the world.

Boat equipped with SAFECOPTER system

Associated with lights, markers and communication means, it turns into a comprehensive take-off and landing assistance system. The covert mode secures the helicopter and ship crews during sensitive operations.

A comprehensive system

SAFECOPTER  provides:

  • A full digital Glide Scope Indicator
  • LED Horizon Reference System
  • LED deck surface floodlights
  • LED deck edge lights          
  • Homing beacon
  • Stop & Go lights
  • And multipurpose LED indicators

SAFECOPTER deck light


The main advantages of SAFECOPTER


  • Compliant with standards STANAG 1236, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461, GAM EG 13
  • Adaptable to any ship from helicopter carriers to military or freight ships, OPV, frigates, logistics support vessels, mega yachts...
  • User-friendly with its touch-screen control panel
  • Easily identified during night operations thanks to night vision goggles
  • "ITAR free"


SAFECOPTER helicopter deck on a boat

Serving our customers around the world

CILAS helps its customers worldwide to choose the best SAFECOPTER installation for their ship and also provide them with:

  • Lighting simulations
  • Documentation (installation and wiring diagrams, user manual and maintenance)
  • Training courses (operation, maintenance)