Laser Range Finding

Laser range finders

For land, naval and aerial fire control systems
CILAS laser range finder on Tigre helicopter
CILAS laser range finder on Tigre helicopter

More than 8500 equipment sold in 30 countries.

A long technical expertise

CILAS has manufactured and provided thousands of laser range finders for naval, airborne and land applications. They are integrated in firing control systems.

For various applications

The laser range finder specificities differ depending on the applications

  • Airborne: the most demanding  for performances
  • Naval: similar laser-range finding performances  but corrosive environment
  • Land: less restrictions

Laser range finders and applications

New generation of laser range finders

Core technology

  • Emission at 1.5 µm for eye safety (at least for low rate)
  • Diode-pumped laser for a better laser beam quality
  • Athermal pumping system  eliminating the whole active cooling
  • Weight and dimensions reduced

Airborne and naval application: same laser block

  • High  rate (> 20Hz), long range (20-30 km)
  • Nd:YAG diode pumped + OPO

Land application

  • Low rate (a few Hz), middle range (10km)
  • ErYb:Glass