Active Imaging

Night vision active cameras

Range gated cameras for surveillance in bad weather conditions or total darkness
CILAS boat on night vision active camera
CILAS boat on night vision active camera

Beyond darkness and bad weather

Active imaging :

  • Helps to compensate when classic-night-observation technology fails
  • Gives a better identification in difficult observation conditions
  • Offers a tomography capacity (vision through obscurant, 3D, under foliage detection…)


NIR imagery

passive                                         active


SWIR imagery

passive                                         active

CILAS technology using laser- range gating

CILAS has a groundbreaking technology that provides a better illumination and identification than the best thermal imagers. Our product can be adapted upon request.


                                                           Night/day typical capacity with CILAS sniper detector systems:

Active imagery camera capacity with CILAS sniper detector system


CILAS OEM  illuminators featuring the following performances:


Parameter Range capacity min. Range capacity max. Unit
Wavelength 800 1600 nm
Peak power - 1 kW
Average power - 50 W
Field of Illumination 4x3 100x75 mrad
Global non-uniformity (half field) - 20 %
Local non-uniformity - 5 %
Pulse duration 0.5 5 µ
Pulse rasing/falling time - 150 ns
Weight - 5 kg


  • Very short time rise and fall for pulse
  • Camera management
  • Gating management
  • Computer estimate of NOHD ( Nominal Ocular Hazard Distance)
CILAS active imagery camera

Applications of active imaging

  • Observation of buildings/vehicules
  • Protection of sites