Optical Coatings

Complex and large coatings

Components in the range 250nm - 2.5µm for big optics up to 2 meter size !
CILAS Optical coatings on large optics
CILAS Optical coatings on large optics

CILAS operates the largest optical coating platform using magnetron sputtering technology in Europe

PACA2M the largest coating platform with magnetron sputtering in Europe

CILAS is an expert in the design and manufacturing of optical thin film coatings. By using dense technologies, CILAS optical components ensure the highest performances in the most severe environments.

Product Lines

  • Complex optical components in the range 250nm - 2.5µm
  • Optical coatings for large size optics up to 2m x2m

For industry

With cutting-edge capabilities and experience, CILAS is the expert for industrial programs.

CILAS designs and manufactures specific dielectric coatings for industrial applications, such as the display screen market on large dimension windows, from 1m to 1.8m long.

For astronomy

CILAS has manufactured various complex components integrated into telescope instrumentations, like IRDIS and CPI instruments for SPHERE of ESO's Very Large Telescope.

In order to meet the requirements of worldwide astronomers, CILAS relies on its expertise and a large range of production equipment.


CILAS filter wheel, filters and dichroics

For space

CILAS has been involved in ambitious missions like Chemcam for the NASA Curiosity Rover, satellite programs such as COMS with AIRBUS DS, Sentinel 2 with ESA, Proba-V with AMOS, TROPOMI with SRON etc…

CNES and AIRBUS DS have entrusted CILAS and WINLIGHT with the design and manufacturing of the optical components for the Microcarb Instrument, aimed at measuring the global CO2 distribution in the atmosphere.

All this was adressed by CILAS thanks to the dense coating technologies used: Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD) and Dual Ion Beam sputtering (DIBS)

Chemcam coating on Curiosity rover robot on mars

CILAS has designed and manufactured coatings on the ChemCam instrument on Curiosity rover

For science

Thanks to a unique expertise in the design of optical coatings and manufacturing processes, CILAS takes part in exceptional scientific programs.

For the Laser  MegaJoule Program, CILAS manufactures the large silver coated reflectors integrated into the laser amplifiers.

CILAS coating of the Laser MegaJoule reflectors

Reflectors for the LMJ laser amplifiers