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CILAS LASER Particle sizing and shape analysis

CILAS is proud to be participating in an exceptional project: the MegaJoule Laser.
The LMJ, essential element of Simulation program, consists of 240 laser beams comprising 30 chains and 8 beams, each of which will be installed inside a structure with a total volume of 40,000 m², as long as the Eiffel Tower and as high as the Arc de Triomphe.

Introduction Le laser

SMA - Structure Mécanique Assemblée

fusion thermonucléaire The 240 laser beams will converge and concentrate their energy on a microbead just a few millimetres in diameter composed by deuterium and tritium. By concentrating energy of approximately two megajoules on this microbead for a time window of just a few billionths of a second, the pressure and temperature conditions this microbead (several millions of degrees) will make it possible to re-create the conditions under which thermonuclear fusion takes place.

Laser unique par ses dimensions et les caractéristiques de ses instruments This laser, the most powerful in the world, is currently being installed in the southwest of France on the CEA CESTA site between Bordeaux and Arcachon. The sheer physical dimensions of this exceptional laser and the capacity of its instruments, with its American equivalent, will be used, to simulate the conditions of a thermonuclear explosion under laboratory conditions.

Mise en œuvre d’un programme de simulation Following the signature of the treaty formalising a complete ban on nuclear testing, the French government has entrusted the CEA-DAM with the development of the Simulation programme to sustain the nuclear deterrent, that is to say, ensuring its continuity and adaptability.

Mise en œuvre d’un programme de simulation The LMJ is one of the tools involved in the Simulation programme. The laser will be able to create, within a miniscule area, heat and pressure conditions comparable to those at the core of the sun, and will provide us with information to further our understanding of thermo-nuclear reaction phenomena. Open to civil research, the laser also opens new fields of investigation in a host of sectors such as plasma physics, atomic physics, laser radiation/materials interactions, and the thermodynamics of irreversible processes.

Involvement of CILAS Le laser

CILAS has been a major player in the implementation of the LIL (Laser Integration Line / prototype facility at a scale 1 of one of the 30 channels of LMJ, running since 2000) providing already Amplifiers and Deformable Mirrors M1.

In continuity of this industrial success, CILAS’ participation in this project consists of supplying CEA-DAM with the same two essential LMJ components.

Laser Amplifiers Le laser

CILAS will be providing a total of 60 laser Amplifiers, each weighing 19 tonnes. The purpose of the amplifier is to amplify a laser impulse using 180 flash lamps which illuminates 72 laser glass plates laced with neodymium. The amplifiers are currently in the industrialisation phase, and line production is scheduled to run from 2010 to 2015.

Deformable mirrors Le laser

Miroir déformable de fond de cavité

As the laser beam is being amplified, it bounces off deformable mirrors (400 mm x 400 mm) located at the bottom of the laser cavity. During this beam reflection, the mirror surface, deformed using 48 actuators located behind the mirror, will correct any laser beam imperfections. 240 mirrors of this type (one for a beam) will be used.

Cleanliness engineering Le laser

Mise en propreté des composants

’ingénierie de la propreté CILAS has over 20 years experience in engineering projects in cleanliness (including work on Phébus, the forerunner of the LMJ). In this project, CILAS is participating in the installation of equipment in both the cleanroom and lasers halls, working in collaboration with CEA-DAM teams.
opérations de montage du Mégajoule This bears well for a long and fruitful participation in the exciting work of installing and operating the LMJ for the next 30 years.

Montage lame par-éclats
Installing the splitting blade





Cassette Plaques Laser
Laser plate cartridge