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CILAS LASER Particle sizing and shape analysis CILAS
CILAS LASER Particle sizing and shape analysis
Particle size instrument

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CILAS LASER Particle sizing and shape analysis



The new Nano DS Dual Light Scattering Particle Size Analyzer from CILAS integrates a breakthrough technology that takes nanoparticle characterization to the next level.  The Nano DS is the first nanoparticle size analyzer to combine Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and Static Light Scattering (SLS) in the same particle size instrument.  This ensures accurate particle size measurements across the entire measurement range from 0.3 nm to 10 microns and eliminates many of the shortcomings of instruments using only Dynamic Light Scattering. 

Dynamic light scattering uses Brownian motion to measure the size of nanoparticles.  It is well known that dynamic light scattering is not as effective for analyzing larger particles (>3 microns) and when analyzing a blendedproduct.  To overcome this technical challenge, Cilas has developed the Nano DS, which seamlessly integrates both Dynamic and Static Light Scattering.  The Nano DS ensures your nanoparticle characterization results are accurate even if your sample is agglomerated or has a multi-modalsize distribution.  This innovative new technology provides you with the best accuracy and repeatability over the entire 0.3 nm to 10 micron size range. Besides, the Nano DS is provided with the firstmulti-angle DLS analysison themarket. With detection from 10° to 150°, this instrument allows Back Scattering DLS measurements for non-diluted samples. The Nano Expert software provides a fast multi-angles scanning protocol as well as user defined protocol for complex R&D needs.

 The Nano DS features a solid state laser diode technology. This laser diode has a higher life time than laser gas source to ensure low cost maintenance and no costly periodic replacement of the laser.The laser diode technology needs only a very short warm-up time, and its excellent thermal stability improves the repeatability of the instrument. Its high sensitivity detector using the PMT (Photo Multiplier Tube) technology has an excellent signal noise ratio, which ensures better and faster results.

 The use of the Nano DS is intuitive, the measurement and analysis are controlled directly by the user through a user-friendly software: the Nano Expert.The measurement sequence can be launched in one single click.The real time 3D Mimic screen allows the user to visualize simply all step of the analysis process. The software is compatible with the latest version of Windows. An automatic report editing system is integrated to the software to facilitate data management, results comparison and report retrieval.

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CILAS has developed a new solution to analyse the shape of particles using an inverted optical microscope combined with a CCD camera which is connected to a USB port to capture images.
With its unique design, the analyser can use the same sample to determine both particle size (via laser diffraction) and shape (via optical microscope technology). The analysed powder circulates inside a CILAS particle-size analyser and an analysis cell that has been specially developed to analyse particle shape.

The special Long Work Distance (LWD) lens with magnifying powers of x4, x10, x20 and x40 can be used to observe the particle shapes over an extensive range from 1 to 300 µm (other magnifying factors are available on request), with enhanced contrast, clarity and luminosity.

The images are then processed using the integrated and intuitive Expert Shape application.

We can combine laser diffraction with shape analysis to obtain a simple yet comprehensive characterisation of particle size and morphology. By increasing the optical performance of the microscope, we generate more accurate information that is of potential interest in research and development as well as production control in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, biology, and building materials.



AncreCILAS awarded Powder and Bulk magazine's 2008 Readers' Choice for the second year. 

For the second year in a row, CILAS has been awarded Powder and Bulk magazine's 2008 Readers' Choice award for Product of the year. The readers selected the CILAS product because it makes "job easier, safer, more efficient and more profitable". The CILAS 1180LD has been recognized as an easy-to-use particle size analyzer. The analyzer's mass-flow regulator efficiently disperses dry samples regardless of sample volume. The analyzer's three lasers provide an ultra-high-resolution measurement from 0.04 to 2.500 microns and its integrated image analysis system provides particle shape information.


AncreThanks to a close collaboration with its distributors, CILAS has succeeded in selling six particle characterisation systems to the ALMATIS group.

ALMATIS is a leading company in the alumina and ceramic field. They have plants worldwide, including locations in Germany, The Netherlands, India, Japan and the USA. A close partnership has been developed between the customer, the distributors (Germany, US) and CILAS to customize a specific Standard Operation Procedure (SOP), which allows the measurement of very specific Alumina powders. It was strategically important for Almatis to obtain the same results in each location with the same samples. Following extensive trials, Almatis decided that the best way to achieve this was to standardise on
CILAS particle size analysers in each of their locations.

First place Laboratory Equipment
Cilas rewarded by Powder and Bulk Engineering

Ecosizer laser particle size analyzer provides powder or emulsion size analysis from 0.3 to 400 microns in seconds, with results presented in 30 cases. Analyzer’s short optical bench design ensures that the system is aligned at all times. Analyzer’s optical components are permanently fixed to a cast-iron base plate to ensure accuracy. An optional video camera provides particle shape information and particle size distribution data.